Wife Loses Wedding Ring, Posts it online and then a Miracle Happens you Won’t believe!

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Jamie Kennedy never believed in miracles, but after she lost her wedding ring, everything changed!

While enjoying a day at Lake Michigan, Jenny was in the water and pushed up her ring to get some sand out when it suddenly fell into the water.

She looked everywhere for her ring and felt absolutely devastated. Feeling defeated, she went out of the water and knew the ring was taken by the lake for ever.

She posted her story on Facebook, was shared thousands of times, and eventually reached the President of West Michigan Metal Detectors Club, John Dudley.

John offered his help and the two met at the beach where John whipped out his metal detector.

“We were walking along and then we heard a beep”! “Okay, there’s something here,” John recalled.

Check out this amazing miracle in the video below, and please SHARE it on Facebook!

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