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Groom Announces to the Bride There will be ” 3 of Them Instead of 2! Then He Points Behind Her…

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Weddings are the most wonderful and happiest events ever!
Jeff Althof understands this well enough and decided to give his wife Jenna a very special gift.

During the reception when Jeff gives a speech, he turns to Jenna and says:
“The last few hours have been the best hours of your life with the 2 of us, right?”

She smiles, she’s very curious.

“Well, he says: from now on we have now become a family of 3!”

The Bride’s smile changes and she is confused. OMG, What is happening. They both don’t have any kids, so?
Is there anything he needs to tell her?

But then he points behind her and she turns and comes face tot face with her wedding present.

Her entire life she had wanted a puppy of her own, and a wedding guest is coming forward carrying the most wonderful puppy.

You will not believe her reaction in the video below! Check it, and please share it on Facebook!

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