Wedding Horror Stories: 11 Times Things Went Unbelievably Wrong!

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Most of the time, there are some little things that go wrong, but they don’t ruin your day. After all, it is all about that very special person you want to spend the rest of your life with, isn’t it!

However, sometimes wedding nightmares manage to put a damper on the whole day. Often it is because the two were never meant to be together, and in that case it is best that the nightmare happened before they got married.

Have you ever attended a wedding where something went totally wrong? Well, when something happens as bad as the stories below, it is best to laugh it off and count your blessings!

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wedding photos
“My English teacher’s husband plays organ at weddings and told us that in 20 years it had never happened, but during the classic: “ is there anyone here present with a reason blah blah blah”, a massive storm broke out with thunder and lightning!

“The families were very Christian and it took the priest 10 minutes to reassure everyone that God wasn’t angry”. – OldClockMan

wedding photos
“When I was about 4 or 5, I was the ring bearer and supposed to walk down

the aisle and do a little dance with the flower girl.

Once I got in the front, the girl reach my hand and I ran away shouting: “ NO,


“I really thought I was the one being married, and didn’t like that. The mother of the bride started wailing and saying that the wedding was ruined, but the bride and groom ignored her. It was a funny moment really, and the family loves to retell it”. – Boofyostaff

wedding pictures
“My dad left a lady at the altar. My mom refers to her as “Dad’s trashy days”.

-Reddit User

wedding photo
“I have been to a wedding where right after the priest said “ Speak now or forever hold your grace’ the tornado sirens went off.

“ I even have a video of it all ”. – Mr_Rawrr

wedding photos
I was force by my parents to go to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding. When he saw me, he told me to call off the wedding right away if I wanted him back right then and there.

“It was an interesting wedding”. – walking_away_

wedding pictures
“I attended a wedding where the groom passed out when he had to say ’I do”.

After coming to, he panicked and ran out of the building.

5, then 10, then 20 minutes go by. People are wondering if he’ll come back at all.

He re-enters the church with only his mostly open tuxedo jacket on and a bare, hairy chest showing, looking as pale as a ghost.

He apologizes for being ‘too hot’ ( it was the middle of winter).

Slowly he wals up to the altar, his bare chest showing, and the ceremony resumes. They actually did get married that way.

“But man, this was the weirdest wedding I’ve ever witnessed”. –flat5

wedding photo
“I was at a wedding where this girl stood up, talked trash and confessed her love for the groom who was an ex 10 years ago. We did know she felt this way, but never thought she would do this at the wedding.

“ the Maid of Honor slapped her in the face and the girl was kindly escorted out”. – Reddit User

wedding photos
“The groom cuts a piece of cake to feed it to the bride, but shoves the cake in her face just to be funny. The bride starts crying/screaming and throws the cake at the groom. Father of the bride comes over and punches groom in the face.

“The next day they file for divorce”. – McLovin03

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“At my parents’ wedding, the priest started with: “we are gathered here today

at this funeral….” The worst part was that he went on until he was stopped.

“to be fair he was well past retirement age”. –McJennifer

wedding photos
“At my cousin’s wedding, the priest made a long speech going on and on about how wonderful and responsible it was of the couple to get married once they got pregnant out of wedlock.

“Most of the bride’s family didn’t yet know she was pregnant”. –Please_send_baguette

wedding pictures
“Went to my Uncle’s wedding a while back. His bride had been divorced and chose her family pastor to officiate. The pastor called my uncle her ex- husband’s name during the vows several times….

“My family was not happy”. –forthis_

Please SHARE these stories with your family and friends on Facebook!

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