The Day before Her Wedding ended Dramatically! Bride Loses 3 people She Loved. Then Something Happens that Really Changes Everything..

Sumer was in pain. The day before her wedding, she attended her stepmother’s funeral. She lost her stepfather, stepmother, and stepbrother. TOO Much Pain for one person.

Sumer told Fox 5 Las Vegas in 2015 that this was all too much for her and to have her own Wedding without her beloved stepmother? Too much to take in!

She and her husband, Airman Staff Sergeant Christopher John Masters, are full of love, and despite not having much money, their wedding had to be small, and cheap.

Her good friend Jody Shervanick contacted Fox 5 Surprise Squad hoping that they could give the couple a cake on their wedding day.
What Happened Next is indescribable! BOY, she gets more than she never ever could expect!

Jody had no clue that the Surprise Squad was drastically changing Sumer and Christopher’s wedding. They gave her the most unforgettable makeover.
Sumer thought she was on her way to her small wedding, and what happened next.? The Surprise Squad provided everything and gave the couple an unexpected honeymoon.

Sumer said. “Don’t ever give up on your big day.” “I still can’t believe how everything turned out, and I think those of us who weren’t able to be with us today were here with us in spirit,”

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