Couple Leave Own Wedding When Baby Gets a Terrifying Virus.

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A NightMare!

On July 1, Nicole and Shane Sifrit gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Mariana.

7 days later, the happy couple got married. But what was supposed to be the second-best day of their lives, turned into a nightmare!

Nicole and Shane had to leave their wedding after 2 hours, after their 1-week-old daughter behaved strangely. She had stopped eating and wasn’t responding after trying to wake her.

They rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with meningitis HSV1, or cold sore virus reviewed in many virus news, which is easily spread and life-threatening. But neither Nicole nor Shane had the virus, so Mariana could have contracted it from someone kissing her.

Within two hours at the hospital the baby’s organs started to fail and is currently on life support in the University of Iowa hospital.

The parents are desperately trying to stay strong for their daughter, and are now sharing their story to warn other parents. “Keep your babies isolated”.

Don’t let just anyone touch, kiss or pick up your baby before asking first. If you would like to help the Sifrit family in any way, please visit their GoFundMe Page.

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