The Bride is 11 and The Groom 35! Look What The Family does When they are About to get Married! WOW!

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John And Lily’s wedding looks like any other wedding. At first sight it looks Like a fairy Tale! Unfortunately this is a different story.

The heart breaking truth for the 11-year-old Lily.

Lily represents all other 15 million girls who have arranged marriages against their will every year! Birdal Musings and Unocef started working together to bring a powerful video to daylight about the horror of child marriages.

The girls who are victims every year, are not seen as real human beings but as property! Together we can end this!

According to Birdal Musings & Unocef: The Truth is that if girls get married at an early age, there is a big chance that they won’t go to college, there is also a greater risk of domestic violence, and they also might get infected with HIV at a later age.

The risk is also higher that they have children at a younger age, and complications that occur during pregnancy.

In the movie below you can watch how Lily, the 11-year -old girl gets married to the 35 year old John. Her family doesn’t do anything to stop it! On the contrary. They seem to support it.

We should all watch this video and realize what the situation is in the world.

Together we can stop this!

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